thank u card


We received a lovely card this morning from the family of a lady who recently passed away. This lady was very reluctant to have care initially but soon felt very comfortable and reassured having us there.

The family wanted to give extra special Thanks to Martine Lee, Louise Wharton, Loran Atkinson and Gillian Salisbury, they describe you as wonderful ladies who will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Here are some of the comments made about our services during a recent quality assurance survey :-

“You ring up when carers are running late and have problems. Everything is excellent and thank you all very much, you have some very nice and polite girls working for you”

“I would just like to say that I have read through Mum’s new support plan. The full care needs assessment and it is faultless. Very well done to Carmen it is excellent. Thank you. Bev H”

“I have nothing but praise in the care that Sid has been given and the tenderness extended to me, even given a shoulder to cry on.”

“The ladies and gentleman they live upto being called ladies and gentlemen. I only have to mention something in the past and after awhile I am asked is any way they can help me with the problem and if they can they try with a smile. I cannot complain or find fault with any of the services to me. I read the newspapers and read of cruelty to clients from some companys and I wish they could find out about SureCare, where i am sure they would be truly happy and over the moon to leave thier loved ones on Surecares hands. Also if a carer goes the extra mile for me am I allowed to buy a box of chocolates for their birthdays or such? Please.. Because I feel the carers do not get enough recognition for the work they do. Coming out in all weathers with such a smile. I think they should drive in a bright pink car which says ” I CARE”

“Overall we are very happy with the carers that come to look after my Dad, so thank you.”